Brixton Bitter

bottle-with-labelVital Statistics:    4.5% ABV    |     32 IBUs     |     7 SRM

The bitter is a refreshing and flavourful English Bitter style ale. Using the best local and imported ingredients available the bitter is a balanced beer that boasts a biscuit-like malt character with hints of toffee and caramel. This is supported by a spicy-earthy hop flavour and a fruity yeast character. Developed to be easy drinking and fully flavoured; the Brixton Bitter is a no-compromise beer and the first beer from New Brixton Brewery.

The first Brixton Bitter was brewed in 2013, shortly after I first moved into Brixton.  We were moving from kit beers to extract brewing and learning about using hops.  It was clear from the first batch that the recipe was something special.  Over years the Brixton Bitter has been the most popular of our recipes.  There were some other contenders, but it seemed natural that this is the first beer produced under the New Brixton Brewery label.

We hope you enjoy it.